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CIDEcell produces customized electrodes and cells, adapted to the most demanding customer needs.

We offer swift and flexible services, aimed at niche battery markets, backed by one of the main battery R&D centers in Europe.

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How can we help?

Material manufacturer

Helping you demonstrate effectiveness of your anode and cathode developments beyond laboratory scale


Manufacturing of new cell chemistries and geometries to achieve a competitive edge

Battery manufacturer

Providing a reliable second source of production

Niche battery applications

Helping you develop the best solutions for specific needs

CIDEcell is a spin-off of
CIDETEC Energy Storage, a well-known leader in the development of battery technology in Europe, with long standing business relationships with battery industry representatives worldwide.

Our background and soul come from R&D

We work with the latest technology and the most efficient production capacities.

Our broad technological portfolio includes advanced lithium-ion batteries but also solid state, sodium ion, lithium sulphur and even ultracapacitor electrodes and cells.

Our products stand out for the use of innovative materials, including silicon anodes or high nickel content cathodes free of cobalt.

Aligned with our vision of a more sustainable future, we offer the possibility of manufacturing electrodes with low environmental impact through water-based processes, free of organic compounds.

State of the art production facilities, including:

Top-notch performance for top-tier uses

Our Products



Cooper foil Anode
Aluminium foil Cathode

We can supply electrodes based on your own requirements or help you develop customized solutions for your needs according to different final uses.

Our technologies

There is no planet B

We dedicate our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our solutions to the maximum degree:


Pouch Cells

We manufacture high-performance cells in pouch format and various sizes, depending on your needs. We can deliver according to your choice of materials, desired cell capacity, cell dimensions or batch size.

We can produce our own standard sizes as well as tailor made formats.

We manufacture cells from the latest technologies, either advanced lithium ion, solid state batteries, lithium-sulphur, sodium ion and even ultracapacitors. Our battery cells are timely produced in small to moderate batches according to the highest standards, and are suitable both for evaluation purposes, market evaluation and as final product for your very specific applications.

We offer maximum flexibility and agility, covering the gap between conventional research pilot lines and gigafactory production volumes.


Prismatic & Cylindrical

Prismatic and cylindrical formats will be available in 2024
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